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    Ensuring that Display Screen Users achieve appropriate levels of Workstation Posture and Comfort is not easy but guidance from the recent International Standard ISO.9241-5 will help in understanding how being able to achieve the ’Reference Posture Position’ is so important.

    Ever more intensive screen, keyboard and mouse use focuses even more attention on regular Workstation Assessments to help ensure appropriate levels of Workstation Posture and Comfort are achieved for each display screen user. Whether you are undertaking self-assessment of your own workstation, acting upon or providing professional advice, ergonomic-computing offers information on workstation arrangements that will assist in workstation development and implementation.

    Screen positioning has never been easier with Flat Screens and Gas Lift Arms offering instant Height and Reach adjustment for optimum Posture and Screen to Eye distance while multi-screen users need ergonomically designed Monitor Arm Mountings. New Designs for Keyboards, Mice and Document Holders can help with Workstation Comfort, help reduce R.S.I., C.T.S., and Back Pain plus improve workplace productivity but achieving the right workstation arrangement may require a complete redesign.

    Height Adjustable Desking now includes, ActiveDesking with effortless Power Adjustment and for Sit to Stand working, SohoDesking with Manual Crank Adjustment for Active Sitting and Set-Up adjustable models to meet all your requirements. Adjustable workstation arrangements to suit individuals, multi-tasking, multi-users and multi-screens are available through computingplus who have solutions to help meet your requirements, for every user or any size of workgroup.

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